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Dumitru Farcas, Cluj, RO: Honorary Patron
Stephen Fox, Ontario, CA: technical consultant
Ioan Scaunas, Chicago ILL: technical consultant
Henk Jansen, Brisbane, AUS: moderator
Toby Marshall, USA: moderator

These pages wish to provide the interested listener with rare and less rare information about the Stradivarius of wind instruments. Stradivarius because the excellent performance qualities and the fact that the instrument was nearly extinct between 1917 and probably 1980. Most music samples are obtained with acknowledgement for use on this site. Some copyright holders did not reply to my request. I always mention the source of the music. The purpose is to provide an academic overview for those who are interested in this fascinating instrument. Therefore I believe that I do not breach any copy rights. Owners of rights who do not want his/her music on this site: please mail and I will remove it.

For whom is this site intended?

= those who are interested in music and for those who want to know about this wonderful instrument.
- those who are interested checking the facts. For instance it tries to grow to a database of information that enables interested persons to find out if the intrument that they want to purchase is genuine or may be fake.

The site is about the wonderful world of the the tarogato (Hungarian) / taragot (Romanian pronounciation of the word) or tarogoata, an ancient Turkish/Hungarian musical woodwind instrument. Interested? Just have a browse through the pages.


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The site does not use real audio any more and flash (.flv) has nearly completely changed to the modern html5 formats mp4, webm and ogv (ogg vorbis). For audio mp3 and oga (ogg vorbis) are both used,

The streaming audio of the "AUDIO" page is generally not downloadable as a file. Also for downloading VIDEO files specialist equipment is needed. At the same time I wish to advise that the quality of the original recording cannot be compared with the heavily compressed MP3 or mp4 file that you find here. This is to restrict abuse of copy rights. If you wish to own the music, please contact me through the contact button. I will do my utmost best to provide you with the necessary information to help you to contact the copy right owner.

Most of the music and other information is from Hungarian and Romanian soil. I would certainly appreciate information from these and other regions and countries, so that I am enabled to make this site more complete. The thing that we have in common, at least, is the love for pure and beautiful music. Some of the clips you will also find on Youtube too, although 1thMUSE tries to be original. The criterion is quality and representativeness. It also happened in the past that a highly valued Youtube file vanished.

Please comment and help to make the information more accurate and help broadening the perspective..

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The orginizers of this site are absolutely independent and no one can claim absolute expertise. We are there to just help.

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