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I am selling a tarogato SAVA. It has the clarinet key system or the soprano saxophone key system
Nicolae Sava? Bistri?a (Bistrita-Nassaud) - Romania

The instruments have an automatic octave key, are perfectly in tune and made of ebony, rosewood or grenadille. The instruments are newly made after an order. The price of one tatogato is3500 Euro.


MOB: + 40 744 347325 , + 40 769 236357, FAX: + 40 263 341130 .
Municipality: Bistri?a, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romānia
Districtr: VIISOARA
Date of publishing: May 12
MOB: + 40 744347325

One might say that Nicolae SAVA lacks traditional consciousness.
Others will think that he is very practical and helpful to those who use the taragot as a second instrument.


The MP4 clearly shows the key system of the black "clarinet", played by Mr. Sava himself (Formula 1). We do not know who plays the the soprano saxophone. The film was shot at the stand of Mr Sava, who also builds other traditional Romanian instruments like caval, bagpipes, a variety of flutes. It is not known what kind of mouth piece is used.


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The 11thMUSE has not seen the instrument and is unable to further comment. Apparently Mr Sava does not have a web site. He advertises from time to time
on Roumanian auction web sites. Anyone who has information: please mail.